Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Burlesque Fusion & Dark Fusion



The love for music was always there, 

it is only the expression that changed. 

Entropy  started taking classes for members of Tribal Empire in 2007 and have never stopped dancing since. 

Her love affair with Tribal Fusion Bellydance and ATS® evolved and she took workshops for Anasma (F), Ariellah (US), Morgana (E), Samantha Emanuel (UK), Sashi (US), Sharon Kihara (US) and many more. 

In 2011 Dud Muurmand brought Burlesque Fusion to Stockholm and a new love affair emerged. Together with seven other sassy ladies Entropy founded Påfåglarna.  

She has a profound love of props and drama in her dance and she's always involved in exciting collaborations. She was formerly a member of Dark Empire, Symerian and Tribe Layali. In fall 2014 she and four dancing sisters founded Tribe Nenuphar. 

Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Tribal Fusion has it's roots in ATS® and Jamila Salimpour technique, merged with other dance expressions, such as Cabaret Bellydance, Hip hip, flamenco and so forth. 

Burlesque Fusion

Burlesque Fusion combine bellydance technique with the glamour and theatrical expression of Burlesque. Humour is a key element and this dazzling style is suitable for a vide range of audiences.  

Dark Fusion

Dark Fusion is the alternative sister of Tribal Fusion and blend in a dramatic expression from the gothic subculture. It's powerful and intense as it's a very artistic form of expression, but contrary to popular belief it does not have to be "black".